Film Going

There are not many things I really like to do and will drop things for. These include and actually are, film going and live music. Who I enjoy doing these things with is a great mystery to me. I associate having a man with me for any of those activities a bad idea. Finding someone to attend films with was something I never considered. It always seemed like a lot of work organizing film times and locations with someone. The planning was onerous. But I found a man to do that with and made sure I didn’t want anything from him other than film going. Once you start wanting other things, there sometimes isn’t enough time for the movies. Hanging out with someone I was not at all attracted to made it easy. Just being with a man that you have no remote spark for is rejuvinating and fun. It makes everything so easy.
Sitting socially and enjoying the screen is relaxing and then afterwards, if you feel like discussing the film you’ve got someone right there who shares your interest and has just seen the film.
And also, while you’ve got film buddy going on, you can date men you’re actually hot for. All this means that you’re not needing to get everything from one person. Eggs in one basket and that sort of thing.
Then I thought that maybe life could be easier if I did get most of what I like to do, from one person. So people could enjoy “pairing” up? Why had I not heard of this before? Imagine combining it with sex. One could make a fortune selling this idea. Finally I understand why on-line dating caught on. If one does enough of it then it is possible to meet someone with whom you can enjoy shared pastimes. And in the end sound like an ad for woman’s razors or coolers.
It is the end of an era. My subscription has ended. All the men they sent to me every morning were starting to look alike and familiar. These men were not being snapped up. Why would I want one? I was looking for a man with “a reinvented view”. To quote Kelly Joe Phelps.


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